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Delivering Mission Success Since 1959

The Utah State University Space Dynamics Laboratory has been solving the technical challenges faced by the military, science community, and industry for more than six decades. We provide multi-domain mission solutions with expertise in satellites, sensors and instruments, ground systems and data processing, and advanced autonomous systems.

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December 11–15, 2023

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As a leading University Affiliated Research Center, we have developed innovative solutions for scientific and defense sensing challenges since 1959. Our expertise includes space, air, and ground-based sensors (including IR, visible, UV, RF, and hyperspectral), small satellite technologies, and ISR solutions from data acquisition through data exploitation. Come and see us!

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AWE Mission Prime Report

AWE has launched and docked on the International Space Station!

“Once installed on the International Space Station, the AWE instrument will observe atmospheric gravity waves in Earth’s atmosphere, revolutionizing scientists’ understanding of how Earth’s weather impacts space weather. SDL engineered, fabricated, and tested the flight instrument, developed the ground system to process the data, and completed a host of management tasks,” noted AWE Project Manager Burt Lamborn.

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A Missile Defense Agency-sponsored University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) that provides mission engineering solutions.

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