Ground Display Stations

SDL has designed and built a variety of ground display stations to display multi-INT data from sensors such as Global Hawk, ATARS/APG-73, LSRS, ASARS-2A, and SYERS-2B/2C. These stations support imagery analysis and exploitation, aircrew training, mission results validation, target verification, and on-site maintenance. SDL’s ground stations have been installed in laboratories, DCGS sites, and aircraft carriers, and have been mounted in HMMWVs. They come in a variety of configurations including ruggedized and portable, rack-mounted, and personal computers (desktop or laptop).

  • High-quality, commercial off‐the‐shelf (COTS) components
  • Cost-effective solutions from initial development through sustainment
  • Multiple sensor format support
    • Single‐ and multi‐band electro‐optical/infrared (EO/IR)
    • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
    • Hyperspectral (HSI)
    • Multispectral (MSI)
    • Full motion video (FMV)
    • Ground moving target indicator (GMTI)
  • Multiple data sources (receiving and processing)
    • Live data links
    • Solid-state recorders
    • Tape drives
    • Local drives
    • Distributed servers
  • SDL’s VANTAGE™ software package available with all configurations
    • Imagery processing, archival, screening, exploitation, and dissemination
    • Web tools for distributed image screening included