Advanced Military Space Sensor Systems (AMSSS)

Air Force ‐ Air Force Research Laboratory

The Air Force Research Laboratory executed this contract with SDL to ensure ongoing support of necessary Research and Development (R&D) in the areas of sensor development, image processing, and data analysis.

Some of the activities SDL is performing under the AMSSS contract include:

  • Electro-optical sensor systems research and development
    • Innovative sensor components and systems
    • Cryo-systems, thermal design, development, and handling
    • Sensor calibration, characterization, test, and evaluation
  • Ground, airborne, and space rated instruments and payload development, test and evaluation integration, validation and operations to include technology insertion including form, fit, function, and miniaturization of mechanical, optical, and electronic devices
  • Modular Open Systems Architecture for airborne, space, and ground applications
  • Autonomous and Intelligent Unmanned Sensor Systems
  • Geo-based Active Stabilization and pointing for airborne, space and ground applications
  • Large scale data processing, handling, compression/decompression, and visualization techniques for sensor analysis, data exploitation, data fusion, and data dissemination
  • Phenomenology measurements, modeling and simulation
  • Sensor modeling and simulation
  • Small/ micro satellite sensor systems and components
  • Prototype development of ground systems to support ground, airborne, and space instruments. a. Multi-domain Command and Control (C2), including research and analysis, and developing C2 concept of operations (CONOPS)
  • Cyber analytics and high speed networks

Contract Features

  • Cost Plus Fixed Fee order accepted
  • Available for use by the Air Force Research Laboratory only