Isolation Systems

SDL’s Fiber Support Technology (FiST) is a solid example of SDL’s expertise in designing, fabricating, and installing isolation systems. FiST uses advanced cryo-mechanical mounting technology and high performance fibers in tension to mechanically support and thermally isolate cooled components from warm environments. Opto-thermal testing demonstrated that FiST outperforms the conventional mounting approach thermally, mechanically, and optically. FiST was initially developed to support the focal plane assembly for SDL’s Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry (SABER) flight experiment that is still performing flawlessly after being on orbit for over a decade.

  • Optically stable isolation systems
  • Mechanically and optically robust
  • Superior thermal isolation
  • Outperform conventionally mounted systems
  • Low conductivity and very efficient

For less rigorous applications, SDL also has extensive experience using low conductivity composite tubes as a thermal isolation approach.